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dat yeti 03-22-2014 07:53 AM

Any ideas/experience about Remo ps3 bass head not sitting flat on Bearing edge?
Did not find the info I was looking for in other threads so here goes.

I got a remo ps3 clear batter bass head, and a remo ps3 ebony ported reso bass head. Both for my 20" kick.

I inspected both and they seemed fine. But when I put them on the bearing they don't sit flat after finger tightening them down. I noticed the ridge from this thread http://www.drummerworld.com/forums/s...problem+tuning . But the ridge is not consistent period. It is flush and obviously sticks out in different areas. My bass drum hoops are also flat edged. So some of the hoop is connected flat and flush, other parts are not but this is not the real issue.

The main issue is on the bearing edge. I have to man handle the head to stretch and reach the bearing edge myself in order for it to contact mostly. But I can't put the hoops on and tune it if is that way. I am very OCD about tuning and finger tightening them down first, and then going around in a star pattern (think of the way Gavin Harrison does it with two keys). Very accurate and easy tuning, tune very consistently without wrinkles and such. Except for now!

Am I crazy cause I've never had this problem ever with a drum head period. Used Evans and Remo's through out the years and out of the blue this just happened. After researching more about problems, not reviews and sounds of ps3 I am really frustrated as I do not want to crank down the head and stretch it out if I should return them.

Anybody is welcome to chime in!

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