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beyondbetrayal 03-19-2014 02:06 AM

Best Drum VST
Well after trying all of the major drum VST apps, and I mean all of them.
I am proud to be endorsing FXpansion specifically for BFD3 and the expansion packs.

If you guys have not grabbed the demo yet I would highly suggest trying it. The sounds are amazing and it runs very smooth.

I have also been using the Imperial Drums pack and will have a few videos up in the next few days for you.... unbelievable sounding drums.

To the guys who use their modules and don't know what VST's are. I can't suggest them enough. Even the top rated E-kits cant compete due to hard drive size,processor speed, and Ram.

Reggae_Mangle 03-19-2014 01:46 PM

Re: Best Drum VST
That's cool. How'd you get endorsed? I checked out a couple of BFD3 videos, but couldn't justify the plunge when it was first out. Might have to check it out one of these days though.

beyondbetrayal 03-19-2014 03:08 PM

Re: Best Drum VST
The demo is free for 30 minutes. then you have to close it and restart. and you cant save.
Good to see the options, but Sometimes it takes 30 minutes to set up a VST.

Same as any endorsement.
I sent out a press package to a few places, told them about shows/tours I have done, album releases, youtube views, sent them some songs,videos and background.

I am going to be making a few review video's for BFD3 in the next few days showing the new features and some of MY favourite features. I was just trying a few things out yesterday and ended up playing drums for 6 hours. oops. haha

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