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dailydrummerx 03-11-2014 01:06 AM

Chris Petteys of Daily Grind
Hey all,
My name is Chris, I'm 24 from Port Allegany, Pennsylvania. Having played drums in all sorts of different atmospheres, I have a very eclectic style ranging from jazz to hip hop and back again. Residing now in Pittsburgh, I have been playing with an indie Alternative Rock group by the name of Daily Grind. Slaving away at the sparse local music scene in the steel city, we finally caught a break with extremely hard work with a lot of help from friends and family, as well as our manager. We put the leg work in in hoped of getting our music out of the confines of Pittsburgh and to the country in the only way we know.

Starting March 21st, Daily Grind is embarking on an epic journey of rock and roll. Packing into a van and hitting the road on a 90 day, cross country tour. Hitting cities across each coast, the four of us are going to fly by the seats of our pants in order to do what we love to do. Armed with little more than a well put together basement album funded by Kickstarter, some t-shirts and our rugged good looks, we are literally getting to live the dream.

If you are so inclined, throw Daily Grind Music in your web browser or favorite social media and check us out. Our album, "The Green Plan" is set to drop on March 14th at a release show in Pittsburgh.

I hope that I can get some tips and advice from personal experience. As well as some support from you fine folks on the drummerworld forums. Thanks for reading and maybe I will see you in a city this spring!


sXeDanimalsXe 03-18-2014 08:25 PM

Re: Chris Petteys of Daily Grind
Welcome. Have a fun and safe tour. Take lot's of pictures. I love looking back at my old ones and laughing about the silly stuff we'd get in to.

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