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Levitar 03-03-2014 02:08 AM

Beginner here, wanna buy my first e-kit.
Hi, so I'm in an apartment and I'm about to buy my first kit so an acoustic kit wouldn't exactly be a good idea, so I decided to get an e-kit. Now, I can't get an amazing one for a thousand bucks but a friend of my uncle's who plays drums recommended the Alesis DM7X Session Kit. It's 480 euros-ish new so the price is pretty good I guess, I mean I won't get anything good cheaper, there's the Alesis DM6 USB Kit but I've read reviews saying it's buggy on amazon, and also the Alesis DM Lite but that looks more like a toy. I also read something on an amazon review about I think the Alesis DM6 being the top seller so I don't know, what do you guys think?
It's 2 am here and I was just checking out some threads on this forum but I saw someone mention the Roland TD-4 but my budget is around 500 euros(which I know isn't a lot especially for e-drums but I've been only playing for around 3 months and I don't have that much), and also the DTXplorer, which I have no idea how much it is.

Levitar 03-03-2014 05:33 PM

Re: Beginner here, wanna buy my first e-kit.
Well I looked around a bit more and apparently Alesis is known for not having the sturdiest kits, but my uncle's friend has been playing the DM7X for 5 years and is satisfied with it, and I trust my uncle(and his friend if he trusts him) so I'll give the DM7X Session a try. I guess it'll have a warranty or something and if something breaks or if it's something more major we can replace it or just take the kit back and find something else.

BradGunnerSGT 03-04-2014 03:39 PM

Re: Beginner here, wanna buy my first e-kit.
Let us know how it turns out. I'm in the market for an e-kit to use for practicing at home and I am looking at the DM7X (the 6-piece version) as well as the DM10. The DM10 is probably more than I need (or want to spend) right now but I'm a firm believer in getting the best equipment that I can afford at the time; it usually lasts longer and is more versatile in the long run.

Levitar 03-04-2014 08:05 PM

Re: Beginner here, wanna buy my first e-kit.
Well I'm gonna but a Session kit(5 piece) but except for one less tom and cymbal it's not different, so I'll let post here after a few weeks I guess.

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