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Arky 02-06-2014 08:12 PM

Aaron Thier
Aaron Thier is an Austrian drummer that I got to know at the Karlsruhe Trommeltage (Drum Days) on October 26, 2013.

Here's his website:

Aaron shared a couple of YouTube links on facebook today - those are footage of the above event but it escaped me that the videos had already been uploaded on YT. So I thought I'd share those here.

Prog rock with pop/funk elements (from the album "Jeremias" - Circle Of Illusion)

Reggae style

Free Solo
At some point in the solo he's playing a 5 pattern with his feet but layering various stuff on top of that. He explained that after his performance but I forgot the details, haha. Rewatching that video, it just struck me that from 8.37 he's using some crazy multi pedal orchestration...

The sound was actually pretty good. Not too much of it has survived the YouTube processing though.

I had a nice talk with him afterwards and purchased that prog/crossover album (Circle Of Illusion - "Jeremias"). I'm still not 100% sure what to make of it but I certainly appreciate being creative and not limiting oneself. From a guitarist's perspective, I've noticed tons of influences of/similarities to Dream Theater and Symphony X on that album but that's no bad reference. Aaron was using his huge DW double bass kit. I asked him why he went for two bass drums. He said that he's used to playing this way, he prefers this sound and also, two double basses creates a nice setup symmetry/balance that he likes.

- - - -

Here's the thread that I created on the Karlsruhe Trommeltage - a good number of outstanding drummers were attending that event.

Trommeltage (drum days) 2013

Drumsinhisheart 02-06-2014 11:05 PM

Re: Aaron Thier
Wonderful drumist.

I see these Euro guys and often feel I am listening to intricate classical music. Like Bach ... notes upon notes of rhythm. The approach is a little different than the "chops" shredders in America.

You see technique like this and wonder where it can go from here. Can the bar be raised any higher anymore?

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