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EricJ 01-13-2014 03:49 AM

My first Post/thread on this forum
Hello everyone. I am new here and thought I would introduce myself...

I am Eric, in my 40s and live in Monmouth County NJ. Been playing instruments my entire life. Started with the saxophone and piano when I was very young. Parents would never let me have drums even though that is what I wanted to do. My grandfather was a musician and I eventually got into string instruments. Learning on the bass and eventually six string. Have a few cool guitars including my grandfathers 1926 Martin and a mandolin that he had made in 1930.

Ok so the drums now. Started playing on a cheap set back around 1990. Played for a few years, moved and sold the drums. Two years ago, purchased a pre-owned PDP platinum kit (below) and pieced my cymbal's together one at a time also through the various methods to procure pre-owned equipment. I have S-hoops, DW 9000 pedals, Evans heads.

Anyway, looking forward to contributing and thanks in advance for all of your help in answering the many questions to follow. Your feedback is now needed on my second thread about recording HERE





2bsticks 01-13-2014 06:31 PM

Re: My first Post/thread on this forum
Welcome aboard Eric. You will find this a great informative site with great members. Have fun.

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