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BillRayDrums 01-08-2014 09:50 PM

YouTube Protip, from a web guy
So.... YouTube is poised to be somewhat of a "television replacement" in the coming days. If you want to begin taking advantage of this medium then here's a simple and effective way of controlling your content remotely on any webpage that your vids are contained within.

Go set up a "Playlist" in YT and add all the great and cool videos you wish to share, then grab the "share" or "Embed" code for that playlist. So when you post a list of vids that feature your playing to say, this site rather than sharing a SINGLE video you are sharing a COLLECTION of vids that will be very easily managed by you. Doesn't matter what site it's on.

So when someone sends me a request for a "video for their site" (such as an endorsing company) I send them either the link to the playlist or the embed code.

Also, I wrote a somewhat humorous article for my web dev site on the whole YT sharing and "Fan Videos" thing, after having been busted by Virgil Donati for posting a little 2min snippet of his playing at a club. I also struck up a friendship with his media manager as well. See it here: http://oceansites.net/blog/posting-f...dea-or-no.html

Well OK! I'm sure I'll be posting more fun web related stuff to help my fellow musicians get gigs and succeed. We all gotta help each other because drummers are...well...drummers! :D


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