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Forgiven 11-18-2013 01:44 AM

Ludwig drumsticks
Does anyone know if Ludwig is discontinuing their drumsticks? They're not on the website anymore. I've been using the 5a wood tip model for several years now and they have the perfect feel and balance for me. I know where to buy them, but was wondering If I should start buying them up? Thanks.

EarthRocker 11-18-2013 02:02 AM

Re: Ludwig drumsticks
Pretty sure Ludwig sticks are no longer available. I had a pair several years ago, but they were used when I got them. Plenty of life in them, and I loved them. Someone gave them to me. Anyway, after they'd long since been worn out, I remembered them and done some research. Not only did I not find anything on them, but it seems like most people aren't even aware of them. Nice to know their reach wasn't as limited as I thought it was.

Forgiven 11-18-2013 02:19 AM

Re: Ludwig drumsticks
They are still available at Casio Interstate Music and Rupps Drums, but I'm not sure if Ludwig is continuing to make them.

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