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Shadow070 11-06-2013 07:08 PM

New member
Hellowz fellow forumites

I have to say this is a great forum. Every drummer should be a member here!
Great topics and musicians helping each other out.

I am a guitarist but i also make backing tracks on the side. After a lot of requests i started doing backing tracks for drummers. Im waiting on a reply from Bernhard before posting a link, i don't want to get banned for spam ;)

I play guitar, bass and a little bit of piano. I started recording a while back, well recording simpel ideas. It was hard finding good members for a band so i started using backing tracks. Not being able to find backing tracks that i really liked i started to make my own.

I wasnt a drummer so after some research i found Toontrack. I use superior drummer for almost all my work. It isn't the real deal like having a real drummer but it is a great help.

Im have more than a full time job so music is a hobby, but its a 24/7 hobby of mine.
I would love to pick up playing drums, but at that time i guess this forum will be all the help i need ;)

Ive been looking at some great electronic kitts. One of closest frieda has a DT-20 thats just killer but damn thats to pricy for me right now.

Thats a bit of me.

Kind regards,


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