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The Old Hyde 10-28-2013 08:48 PM

Halloween gig update
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First, Saturday nights gig was one of the best we have played in a long time. we nailed it musically. The bar was decorated like crazy, spider webs everywhere and stuff like that. Turns out, because of the webbing I uttered a statement I never in a million years thought I would say "the disco ball got caught in the web". It can only be a good night when I have to say that. The reason I noticed was during a song, a large strand started to fall on my right side, then moved across the exact middle of my snare and proceded to get tangled in my left drum stick. only one person noticed ( besides the band) and came up to laughing about it after. stupid disco ball pulled it down. Anyway the most disturbing thing of the night was the 6 foot five guy in a red dress and wig. The Hottest babe dressed as a school teacher in short skirt, red lips, book in hand, glasses, pencil in her black hair pulled up... whew sorry lost my thought there. people went all out costume wise. we had a ton of people singing back up (off key drunk of course) and we extended a bunch of songs because the dance floor was full and pumping. Ended the night with Chocolate vodka shots and a lot of half naked women for some reason? My wife wont read this, right?

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