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motleyh 10-23-2013 06:04 PM

Hello. Atlanta
Hey, Atlanta drummers --

Just letting you know that this Saturday we'll be at the ATL Drum Collective with some Carolina Drumworks snares to check out while Jeff Sipe is teaching there this weekend! ATL Drum Collective hours Saturday are 10 - 7. If you're around, please swing by and say hi -- maybe even take a lesson with Jeff Sipe. (Last I heard there were still some slots available -- call the Collective to reserve.) Hope to see you there -- it's always good to meet forum folks in person!

double_G 10-23-2013 11:06 PM

Re: Hello. Atlanta
heard about this. will try to swing by. hopefully my bud Richie will go as he knows Kent (works there i think?). Geoff

motleyh 10-23-2013 11:41 PM

Re: Hello. Atlanta
Cool -- looking forward to seeing you. Yes, Kent is the man.

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