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banshees nut 10-02-2013 02:07 PM

Hi, I have just joined so before I start asking loads of questions/discussions, I thought I'd say a bit about myself and drumming.

I tranied many years ago as a classical musician learning all the techniques etc required to reasonably high level.

I bought a 80 beginners kit second hand 10 months ago and decided instead of learning all the the techniques to make this about fun and just put on CDs and see what happens, I assumed after a few weeks the novelty would wear off.

After many smashed sticks and fights with the kit......about 3 months ago I had mastered the three compass point albums by Grace Jones (Sly Dunbar).

I then tried the Kaliedoscope album b y Siouxsie and the Banshees (I still find Happy House hard)

and the last few months I have done Whitesnake Slide it in (Cozy Powell) and Boston's first self titled album.

In case you haven't guessed...instead of this being a passing fad, I am hooked, I ususlly play for about an hour a day and love the challenge but also love being able to mplay through a complete album.

Next steps.....better cymbals/Hihat, mine are bashed and sound like pan lids, I think I should look at playing wth aband.I want to attempt the Banshees Tinderbox Album but tracks like land's end sound very challenging, also I am going to have a stab at Powells drumming in Brian Mays ressurection. I expect I'll be asking for a little advice!

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