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charliejuson 09-24-2013 11:50 PM

usb mic for recording drums
i want to get a cheap usb mic that i can put on a stand over my drum kit which is cheap as i need to record a small bit of drumming for an endorsement application. i want to spend about 40 as if i get the endorsement deal, i will get better mics with a interface.

i have seen the shure pg58 which is about 55 new but i can get pre owned for about 30, what would i need to turn this into a usb mic?

i have a stand so i wouldnt need to buy a new mic stand.

thanks:), i may be able to stretch a little out of my budget but not too far

bobdadruma 09-25-2013 12:41 AM

Re: usb mic for recording drums
Samson makes some good USB Mics but they cost a bit more. They can be found used in your price range though.
The Zoom Video/Audio recorders are also good. They can be found used. They record onto an SD card and can be easily loaded to a computer via usb. They also can be used for podcasting.
I have both of the above products and they are great.
Here is a link to a vid that I recorded with my Zoom Q2 that I bought used for $120 USD. It came with the $40 accessary kit. I added a 16 GB SD Card for about $20 USD.
You can see and hear the quality.

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