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grohl 09-17-2013 09:57 AM

markdrums yes e-drums!!!
Hi there! I saw in Thomann.de the markdrum- YES. I just want to ask a few thinks about them, if anyone knows or have tested them. First of al,l can i change the kick drum with another(because play with double pedals)? for example Yamaha or Rolland? are they quite event? I want also to ask about the dimensions of cymbals. How many inches are they? The matter is that i play to hard and strongly. I wonder if they are resistant for this heavy duty. I use a Rolland kx2 and i am ok with the hardware and the pads except the module. I find the sounds of it very digital for me so i forced to use and play with the Superior Drums. Thanks from the beginning an i'm waiting for your answers and proposals.

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