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impactus81 09-12-2013 11:18 PM

Good Drum Module for Hybrid Kit?
I play in a cover band and we do top 40 music. Deciding I needed to go hybrid to produce those song-specific sounds, I recently purchased two used Alesis DM10 drum pads. My guitarist had an old drum module for me to use, but long story short it isn't going to get the job done; too many issues. The sounds I want to produce will more or less be auxiliary/exotic sounds. Still haven't decided where exactly these two pads and the future drum module will be placed on my existing kit.

I have little experience with electronic drums. What I am looking for is a reasonably priced module that has a decent library of percussion sounds and effects. A quick look on the web told me a decent one goes for around $250-$300 roughly. I am not looking to spend over $300 if I can help it.

Can anyone recommend a good drum module for this situation? Also, is there a difference for drum modules regarding triggers and pads?

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