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Arky 09-12-2013 04:16 PM

Metronome experiment
Analog metronomes can do the trick.


...as shared by Vic Firth on facebook today.

Never-the-Less 09-18-2013 03:45 AM

Re: Metronome experiment
That is so cool, thanks for sharing!

Anon La Ply 09-18-2013 05:45 AM

Re: Metronome experiment
That's fascinating, Arky. I couldn't help thinking about the future when I read a post that explained the physics:

"Each metronome contributes a small wave of motion to the table, and gets one "vote" on frequency and phase imparted to the table. The metronomes closest in phase (most resonant) at the beginning (so, preorganized) essentially get to "vote" first together and began to impose the sum of their votes on the others.

Waves from units out of frequency or phase are suppressed. Waves that are more in phase and frequency are reinforced. Influence continues to grow as more and more units synchronize. The bounce off the edge doubly reinforces waves that are more in synch with the natural resonant frequency of the table."

And funny how that lone metronome on the right in the 2nd row ticked in defiance of the rest for some time before faltering and being sucked into the group's "gravity". It reminded me of Winston Smith ...

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