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valkyrievf2x 09-09-2013 09:09 PM

Are all heads supposed to fit the same?

I was tuning my Ludwig The Brick last night (you could hear her out of tune a mile away), and noticed the snare side rim was pretty much level with the drum's bearing edge. Thought it was part of the design. Well, I got to tuning. After trying to get the lugs at equal tension (I use a tension watch), I heard a loud SNAP!!! All lugs looked ok and the head wasn't torn, but I took it apart. Sure enough, the head had started coming off the....ring/collar? It was a Remo Ludwig head, made in China. Came with the drum. I looked under my Acros and my popcorn snare, and noticed they all had a good bit of the rim above the bearing edge. I chalked it up to it being a cheap head.

Today I got an Evans Hazy 300 and mounted it up. Besides tuning up really fast (even by my slow standards), the snare rim sits considerably higher than the bearing edge. So, if I were to set the drum down, it would actually be protected against bearing edge damage.

My question: Are all heads supposed to fit the same on a drum? Or maybe that should be "should all drums mount the same onto a head"? Seems weird that the fit between two heads was like night and day....

Anduin 09-09-2013 09:14 PM

Re: Are all heads supposed to fit the same?
The stock head sounds like a piece of junk.

I wouldn’t worry about fit. Your new head sounds like it’s much better than the old, but it’s no big deal if the next head you mount sits 2mm lower (or whatever) at the collar. As long as it’s physically tuneable and you can get an even tension, you’re good to go.

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