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jon 09-04-2013 09:23 PM

DTX532K snare volume (midi velocity) problem
Have a new DTX532K kit ( July 2013)

right out of box, the following problem.

A closed rim shot hit just before a snare hit causes the
snare hit to be very loud ( high midi velocity) even delaying
between the hits 30 seconds..... still very loud snare hit.
All kits 1-50 affected. Initialized for 532 or other kits does not
change problem.

Have tested with other cord and tested with all other cords removed, same problem.

If a tom is hit between closed rim shot and center snare hit, no volume problem .

Contacted retailer right away and he thought it was snare pad trigger so he offered
to replace snare pad from Yamaha. I am yet to receive it.

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