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grw850 09-03-2013 01:37 PM

Roland V-Drum Specs?

I am looking for an electronic kit but have only played acoustics to date. I am confused by all the part numbers that Roland have TD-4K, TD-6K, TD-8K TD-9K, TD 11K etc. I have seen all of these on Ebay and they all look a fairly similar and the prices don't seem to vary much. I was wondering if anyone could tell me in a nutshell, what all these numbers mean.

I would like to buy a kit with mesh pads that I can use with a double pedal.


bermuda 09-03-2013 02:08 PM

Re: Roland V-Drum Specs?
Those are the model numbers of the various kits, which have different modules and in some cases different types (and number) of pads. Note that the model number doesn't necessarily correspond with its quality, capabilities, or position in the heirarchy of kits. You may want to check Roland's web site for the different specifications.


grw850 09-03-2013 07:13 PM

Re: Roland V-Drum Specs?
Thanks. I did check them out but Roland only seem to have info on the TD-3, TD-4 and TD11 - none in between. Maybe the 6, 8, 9 & 10 are older models? I think that the TD-11KV is what I am looking for but if I can get something similar secondhand at a better price that would be ideal.

bermuda 09-03-2013 07:28 PM

Re: Roland V-Drum Specs?
They should have a legacy or discontinued section that shows info on older models. I can tell you that the TD-10 was their top of the line about a dozen years ago, although subsequent less-expensive models often had more advanced features and better sounds. The TD-20 replaced the 10, and now the TD-30 remain the top model... and is priced accordingly! Apart from that, I really don't know where the other models - past or present - fall within the line-up.

Try the forum at www.vrdums.com, they'll know for sure, possibly have some used kits for sale?


leanneislearningtodrum 09-03-2013 07:33 PM

Re: Roland V-Drum Specs?
I have a Roland TD-11K and it's great for me. A good solid started ekit. I hope to upgrade to mesh pads on the toms in the future. You're right that the ones you can't find are not in production by Roland currently. I'd recommend to search online for reviews of any model you are looking at.

When I ordered my set it took weeks to come in to the local music shop, so they gave me another Roland e-kit as a loner (forget which model). It was ok but not great, sound wasn't as good as the TD-11k, and the pieces didn't fit together well. The folks at the store said that the loaner kit was a hybrid that Roland put out of their older and newer ekit models - it had the brain of the older ones, but used the frame of the newer ones. (Like they were trying to use up all the parts lying around.) Online reviews of by other people were similar to my experience.
I had considered that model before because it was a little cheaper, but once I played it I could hear the difference and I'm so glad i didn't buy that one.

As long as you have a model number, you should be able to find info out there. As well there's a "vdrums" forum online (I've only just started looking around that one) where I bet they have lots of specific info.

:) Leanne

grw850 09-03-2013 08:50 PM

Re: Roland V-Drum Specs?
Thanks for all the help - I found this on the vdrums forum which is really helpful as I don't want to end up with ancient technology.

1992: TD-7K
1994: TD-5
1995: TD-5K
1997: TD-10
1999: TD-8 - November
2000: TD-8K
2000: TDW-1 June
2001: TD-6K - March
2004: TD-20
2004: TD-6S - January
2004: TD-3 - January
2005: TD-20S
2005: TD-12S - January
2006: TD-6SX - January
2006: TD-6SW - March
2006: TD-3SW - March
2008: TD-9S/TD-9SX - January
2008: TD-9K/TD-9KX - January
2008: TDW-2 - June
2009: TD-4S - January
2009: TD-20SX - September
2009: TD-4KX - September
2009: TD-4SX - November
2010: TD-12KX - January
2011: TD-9KX2 - January
2011: TD-4KX2 - January
2011: TD-4K2 - January
2012: TD-30KV - January
2012: TD-30K - January
2012: TD-30 - January
2012: TD-15KV - March
2012: TD-15K - March
2012: TD-15 - March
2012: TD-11KV - March
2012: TD-11K - March
2012: TD-11 - March

robthetimekeeper 09-28-2013 10:24 PM

Re: Roland V-Drum Specs?
Lots of good info here:


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