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AdamD81 08-31-2013 05:05 AM

Hello everyone. New to the forums and happy to be here!

First: Can you use piezo type triggers with regular drum head or do they only work with mesh?

Second: opinions on "muting" an acoustic kit and using rim mounted triggers outside the drum or using internal piezo triggers with mesh head..? if that makes sense...

Is the only difference between the two setups the head type? the internal triggers with mesh seem to be pretty popular... I looked into the Quartz Percussion and the 682 triggers. Both seem pretty nice.

The application is live performances and live/studio recording.

Thanks in advance guys.

Ultimately, I need to send each pad separately through an analog output. Was wondering if....

I can send all triggers into a motu, from motu to my computer, out computer and back into motu and out motu through the analog outs...

Will it work to not have a "Brain" at all with this motu setup?

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