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chango 08-07-2013 01:53 PM

Roland SPD-SX Need Help !!!
I bought SPD-SX half year ago in Music Store,Germany and was using
so one day i was going to record inside new sounds,
as soon as i connected it to computer by USB it lost every sound.
I use Windows 7 and i blame virus in my PC,i downloaded factory data and
made recovery...
And after all made update to 1.03 and everything started to work
after all i connected to my PC once again and was the same problem,i
repeated the same operation that i did before,all the sounds was recorded
but when i hit now "Pads" it has no sound coming out and even on scale
it has no sense that i'm playing on it,there is no sound coming out from it.
Then i updated it till 1.04 and it has no result...

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