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gregj410 07-22-2013 04:56 AM

Bass drum pedal musings
No one size doesn't fit all, if only it were true. A little history of my drum journey regarding pedals.

Started with a DW 5000 in the mid 80's then switched to a Tama iron cobra power glide before selling off everything in the name of family and a business.

4 kids later in early 2000 I ventured into a DW kit with a double DW 9000 chain drive pedal. My whole kit was DW and they seemed to be the top drum so it was DW all the way.

Well through a series of personal choices in drumming I decided a single DW 5000 chain drive was the answer partly because my favorite drummer was playing with one and.......well if its good enough for him it must be good enough for me.

This is all good except I can't make it work as good as he can! Even though I had read about his pedal settings and the way he plays it just wasn't working for me. Call it foot size, strength, his agility and years playing professionally compared to mine, whatever the case I never felt satisfied with the DW 5000 and how it played for me.

However, the Tama Iron Cobra had a feel that was just plain easier for me to play as I recall from years earlier.

Well given the fact I had spent enough money on pedals that didn't work out I decided to find a second hand Tama IC PG on eBay. 75$ later it's ready to go.

Looks pretty good, lightly used but no major issues. I tighten the spring all the way up and away I go. It feels really beater heavy to me but lots of power both heal up and down. I dial back the spring tension a bit but it doesn't feel much different. The beater is noticeably more than 45 degrees from the floor, another thing my favorite drummer recommendsóbeater no more than 45 degrees, that's it.

So I continue now for 2 days playing and it feels pretty good. Pretty quick doubles(for me) heel up and heel down-nice power too.
Though I can't say for sure, but its like my new shoes make me run faster.

What say you? I haven't been on this forum long but it seems to me that each drummer will have a different response to different pedals regardless of what is the norm. I am on a journey to improve my playing by means of my personal skills and the available equipment. This Tama IC PG seems to fit my needs with a bit of tweaking(I hope).

I am hopeful that this is my final pedal though I am prepared to try out others, providing my bank account permits.

Starship Krupa 08-25-2013 11:48 PM

Re: Bass drum pedal musings

Originally Posted by gregj410 (Post 1163309)
What say you? I haven't been on this forum long but it seems to me that each drummer will have a different response to different pedals regardless of what is the norm.

I say that if there were one single design that worked best for everyone, there would not be the amazing variety of kick pedals out there.

Mechanically, the Fleetfoot/Camco/DW5000 "goalposts and side spring" overall form factor seems to have dominated, although there are several notable ones that don't follow that pattern.

I haven't been playing long, but I am very picky and love to try out gear and I find the current modern top-of-the-line offerings to be too heavy and sluggish for me. Iron Cobra, DW5000 and up, Pearl Eliminator, etc. are just too massy for my taste.

Older DW5000's with the smaller footboard are what I like. Just the lower inertia of that lighter footboard makes a difference I can feel. Single chain or strap drive.

So the complete opposite of your tastes: I love a single-chain DW. Iron Cobras feel heavy to me.

It could be that your leg and foot just got used to the geometry and weight of an IC, so now it just feels right, even all these years later. Body and muscle memory is an amazing thing.

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