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73Rogers 07-15-2013 01:39 AM

Forum question re marking posts read
I read the forums individually, so when I click on general discussion for example, the unread posts will be at the top in bold and the read (or old) posts will be in regular font.
The "problem" is that forum automatically marks posts as "read" after a pretty short time.
If I spend too long reading a thread or replying to it, when I hit the back button to return to the forum, all threads are marked "read" (i.e. no longer bold).
This happens whether I click on a thread title to read and then go back, or if I open the thread in a new tab and then close it to go back to the forum.

Is this something that can be adjusted (or better yet eliminated)?
I'm on a lot of V-bulletin forums and this site is the only on where this happens.
I would much rather "mark all forums read" from the quick links menu than to have the forum do it for me much too quickly.


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