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PenguinAudio 07-12-2013 06:13 PM

Bass Drum Mounted Cymbal Arm Lengths
Hi folks,

Sorry if this has been discussed already... I couldn't find the answers by searching the forum.

Can any users of the Gibraltar SC-GBDCA and DW SM770 (the long one, not short one) bass drum mounted cymbal arms please tell me how tall hey are when fully extended?

Gibraltar SC-GBDCA

DW SM770 (the long one, not short one)

I'm able to find measurements on different websites, but none specify the length when collapsed and the length when fully extended.


KarlCrafton 07-12-2013 07:15 PM

Re: Bass Drum Mounted Cymbal Arm Lengths
The DW tube (tilter part) is around 8-9" I think, then the tilter is about 3" from the tilter (round piece) to the felt the cymbal sits on.
The length of the solid L-arm is about 6" I think. Could be 5" (it's more than 4", so 6" makes more sense). They didn't have different sizes when I got mine, so I cut it to suit, & I am going by memory, but it still might help.

I think the Gibraltar's L-arm piece is the same as the length both sides (part that goes in the mount/part that goes up) from what I remember seeing at the shop. The whole Gibraltar tube looks to be about 12", going by memory of it in the package.

If it's fully extended, are you doing a crash mounted on the BD, or a splash? I have seen splashes in the "traditional" (Buddy, Krupa etc...) spot with the DW, and a crash with the DW on a stand up drum kit.

There are a couple people with one that seems like the Gibraltar, so maybe they will chime in. One used it for the ride on their "Bonham Kit".

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