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Splat 06-19-2013 02:04 AM

Jerry Gaskill
The fact that Drummerworld doesn't have a profile about Jerry Gaskill from King's X and numerous side projects perpetuates the sad fact that Jerry's totally underrated. I like this site, yet can it really be taken seriously when the drummer from a highly rated band among top musos isn't profiled? Come on, get Jerry up! He deserves it. Present and future Drummerworld fans deserve it.

bermuda 06-19-2013 02:47 AM

With only 500 drummers featured from all of the genres and groups from around the world, over the last 80-90 years or so, it's not possible to get everyone in. It wasn't long ago that 500 would have been a very ambitious number, but it's true, a lot of great groups and great drummers keep emerging as time goes on, and certainly there are more than 500 worth noting.

It's completely a Bernhard call as to whether some names should be rotated out and replaced by others. I'd hate to have to choose, I think that just about every name is there deservedly so. Maybe a top-600 drummers is in order soon?

BTW, I'm very proud to have been included on that list, more for my tenacity/longevity in the business than my drumming perhaps, but I'll take it!


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