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2bsticks 06-14-2013 02:33 PM

Ghost pedals
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I used to use these pedals and loved them, technology has sure changed a lot but I was wondering if these would be considered direct drive? I have been using the DW 5000 and it's been a workhorse no question but even with fine tuning it, it still feels a bit bulky under my feet. I am using the Yamaha hard felt beater, not too crazy about the plastic ones. I was thinking of the Yamaha Direct Drive pedal? I am looking for smooth and quick. I know that technique and fine tuning come into play here as well. So no matter what you use there is a break in period if you will.

Zickos 06-14-2013 04:21 PM

Re: Ghost pedals
I love these pedals, too. I've been using them since 1975. Here is an idea for an upgrade which, I think, stiffens up the response and makes it easier to set the pedal up and move it around on the drum.


2bsticks 06-14-2013 04:53 PM

Re: Ghost pedals
I saw that, looks great. I wish they still made these, I must have went through 4 of these in my time. Saw a couple of used ones but they wanted to much for them.

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