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TColumbia37 06-06-2013 08:53 AM

Cheap sticks causing extra fatigue?
I usually play the unmarked Vic Firth sticks, and they're just as good as any other name brand sticks I've used. Recently, I went to get more, and all they had in bulk packs were ten pairs of no name sticks for $30. I reluctantly bought them, because they were a good deal.

Anyhow, they're the same size as the Vic Firth sticks that I normally use, but they're a little lighter in weight, and seem less dense. I played with a pair and had to put them away to use as 'last resort' sticks. They caused me much more hand fatigue than my Vic Firth.

All I really know about them is that they are made from American hickory, and have a round tip, rather than the teardrop style I normally use.

Has anybody experienced this as well? What would cause this? The density of them, maybe?

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