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DTX Product Specialist 06-05-2013 10:25 PM

DTX700 Tools; Editor and Librarian
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For all the DTX700 series users;

The DTX700 Editor, available for Windows and Mac OSX, allows users to customize all of the internal sounds as well as any user-uploaded files in the DTX700 electronic drum kit sound module, making programming and editing of custom kits a simple process. In addition to editing the most critical sound parameters, a DTX700 Librarian is included so that musicians can easily arrange and save their newly created kits with a convenient graphic interface.


The intuitive software package eliminates the need for time consuming multi-page navigation on the trigger module screen, letting users modify the sounds and features, helping to foster creativity. Exceptional graphics enhance the editorís features and all edited DTX programs can easily be saved on a computer.

DTX Product Specialist

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