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pharp 05-21-2013 10:24 AM

Will SKB Roto-X Drum Cases fit my set up?
I ordered a custom SJC drum set and I really want to protect them by using hardshell cases when I go out on the road with my band. The sizes of the kit are 22x18 kick drum, 16x16 floor tom, 12x7 rack tom, and 14x8 snare drum. The cases I plan on purchasing are 22x18, 16x16, 12x8, and 14x8. I know it seems like they will fit but I am worried that the cases for the 22x18 and 14x8 will not fit because I ordered those shells to come with Yamaha Style Wood Hoops. I feel that the thickness of the hoops would make the drum a little bit bigger causing them not to be able to fit in the case. I have been to the Guitar Center's in my town and they do not carry any SKB Roto-X Cases so I would not be able to take them down to test them out with my set. Please reply with what you all think. Thank you!

- Preston

Bo Eder 05-21-2013 10:45 AM

Re: Will SKB Roto-X Drum Cases fit my set up?
I think you're OK with the 22x18. Manufacturers don't normally blow bass drum sizes. The wood hoops on your 8x14 might be a question, but think of it this way: if the hoops don't extend too far out from where your strainer is, you should be good. Drum cases are always slightly over-sized (especially the SKB's, which I've owned) because they want to be able to accommodate RIMS-type mounts as well.

Duck Tape 05-21-2013 12:20 PM

Re: Will SKB Roto-X Drum Cases fit my set up?
Hi Preston, I had trouble with this kinda thing myself.

On the skb website you can find a list of the internal dimensions of each case. I do have a set of skb cases and there is a bit of headroom e.g my 18" depth bass drum fits in the a 22x16 case. Also the lids have some length so if your drum exceeds the depth of the case by a little bit you can still secure it. Telescopic might be the word for it.

Also watch out for floor Tom mounts. Maybe get the drum builder to tell you exact measurements if they dont think you're being too fussy.

vxla 05-28-2013 11:59 PM

Re: Will SKB Roto-X Drum Cases fit my set up?
Measure the drums and check against the website; the diameter listed is the internal diameter of the cases (so an 18-inch case, in diameter, is actually 21-inches).

mastro88 06-11-2013 10:56 AM

Re: Will SKB Roto-X Drum Cases fit my set up?
Hello! I'm writing to you from Italy and I really need your help for ordering some skb cases, because the only way to have skb cases is by ordering them from online shops.

I need a 14" x 12 " (diameter x depth) tom case, But the real diameter of my tom with rims is 18,52" (47cm).
On skb official site they say that 14x12 case is 16" in diameter, and i don't know if it will fit my tom..
Can you help me?this is the case i am looking for:


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