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Bo Eder 05-21-2013 04:56 AM

This is Harold Jones
Had to share this man here. This is Harold Jones. I saw him playing with Tony Bennett on Saturday, and it was such a great drum lesson in swing and style. Here's a video from 1968 when he was playing with Count Basie. When Tony introduced him as coming from Basie's band, you knew the rhythm was going to be great, and it was.

And the funnier thing when you go to see someone like Tony Bennett, basically every song he sings is a hit. So it's hard to know when the show is over because he probably could've done 6-hours of hits (they're all standards) ! Every song they did, everybody knew - amazing. They did great re-arrangements of the classics and some entirely different interpretations as well, so it was nice that he and his band continue to re-discover the standards instead of just hacking through the old songs the way they were done 40-50 years ago.

For those of you wondering, Tony still has it. He was still hitting the notes, and there was a couple of times when he wasn't quite there, but was able to back off of it rather gracefully (you wouldn't know he was doing it unless you knew what to listen for). In one song I think he forgot maybe half a verse but with an 'eye-cue' to the band, the band took over and he came back in at the next verse. But other than those three instances, there were no other glaring issues in the two-hour show. I hope when the time comes, Tony retires in style and stops. I saw some of those old videos from Frank Sinatra's last concerts and it was sad, as great as Frank was, he should have stopped. He was missing notes and forgetting lyrics. Tony is not there yet.


brady 05-22-2013 01:42 AM

Re: This is Harold Jones
Thanks for sharing, Bo.

I don't think Harold Jones gets nearly the attention he deserves. Seriously one of the best.

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