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DeathChamberzMusic 05-04-2013 04:28 AM

Butterfly Effect News April 27, 2013

Top Stories: Man steals 50 year old $26,000 scotch. Psy Gentlemen beat Kony 2012 Youtube most views, Netflix high profits, beat HBO subscribers, France legalize gay marriage, Kim Kardashian divorce Chris Humphries, McDonalds hamburger doesn't go bad, Google Glass privacy policy, Cinnamon challenge health concerns, Futurama cancelled, 420, Snoop Lion Interview

DeathChamberzMusic 06-23-2013 05:55 AM

Re: Butterfly Effect News April 27, 2013

Top Stories: Obama NSA violate privacy for national security, Miami Heat Win 2nd NBA Finals Championship, Kinky Couples, Psy Performs at Muchmusic video awards toronto MMVAs, NXNW Free Ludacris Concert Dundas Square Toronto, Dumb Miss America Miss Universe Pageant Contestants, Atlanta Police Dog dies in hot car, Australian Women gets French Accent from an injury, Florida man charged with tossing wife off of cruise ship, USA Limits food stamps to buy Soda, $90 cup of coffee made from Indonesian mongoose excretion. CRAIGSLIST, MYSPACE, TWITTER FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, GOOGLE, INSTAGRAM, VINE, eHARMONY

Butterfly Effect News Update Friday June 21 2013

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