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Cullpadro 04-18-2013 11:54 PM

Cymbal trigger?
Howdy folks...

I'm an acoustic hand drummer/jazz trap who's gotten ahold of one of these awesome little drumtoys. Its the basic white 2nd gen. Currently I'm live streaming with a singer/guitar player out of my very cramped (glorified closet) studio...wouldn't be able to mic or handle an actual drum well.

My issue is that I'd love to add a ride and/or hats to a couple jazz tunes we do. I mainly use brushes with a 00 or 01 snare.

I'm not an e-drummer. I don't even know how the trigger system is set up (Although it looks like there is a midi controller attached to the trigger pads, am I right?) I mean. I'm sure if I learned how synth worked, I'd be able to create a ride on my wavedrum...but aint nobody got time for that.

Is there any possible way to plug in a dynamic ride (possibly handle brushes...if not I'll dual wield) for under $200? I've looked at the Alesis Control Pad, but it doesn't seem dynamic enough for the sound I'm wanting

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