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Mexirican 04-18-2013 05:23 PM

PA for drum trigger?
First off, I am not a drummer so please forgive my lack of insite. The drummer in my band is looking to upgrade his PA. He is currently playing (his bass trigger only) through an old ass hand-me-down yamaha. It sounds like crap. It gets loud enough only if we suck almost all of the bass from the eq. He wants to get better gear so he can hear himself more when we are practicing. What is a practical route? We are a death metal band also. Think Periphery meets The Black Dahlia Murder. He is pretty quick on his feet too so I am thinking something with 10s vs 12/15/18" speakers. He is using an Alesis DM5 now but will be upgrading to the Roland Octapad after the PA. Guitars are playing through 100 watt Mesa/Boogie half stacks so the PA would need to keep up with that. Also, He is trying to stick around $300 or so.


beyondbetrayal 04-20-2013 07:19 AM

Re: PA for drum trigger?
I've had this issue for years.... be it jamming, or at shows i want my triggers CRANKED in my monitor....

i have a decent pa in my basement but its still hard to hear and it was making me go deaf putting the monitor a foot from my head.. so here is 2 tips..

crank the HIGH end on the kick sample and get a clicky punchy typerwriter one.. just for jams and it will REALLY cut threw... the low end is nice but its harder to hear on a small system..

two..... i put a single ear bud in my left ear and use an extension cable. that goes in to the dm5/td20 or whatever and i have straight kick in my ear....... keep the volume low and it keeps my feet tight...

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