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Red Menace 04-15-2013 04:28 AM

Cable/gut snares
Recently scored a 1930's Leedy COB snare, check out the thread HERE. Put a bit of elbow grease into in and got it pretty cleaned up and looking nice again. As I search for a strainer I began thinking about the snare beds on this drum. They are the vintage style crimped beds, very deep and narrow.

Thought of getting a P-86 for this snare and putting some Puresound 12 Strand wires on it. As I was researching vintage snare I got the idea of using a plate on a modern throw or a vintage strainer and stringing it with synthetic gut for a vintage cable sound.

Now my question here is how difficult is it to find a vintage Luddy throw, the snare was drilled for a P-85 knockoff of the same hole spacing so an 86 or a vintage 83 should work right? Second, how would gut snares affect the sound? I have never played a drum with gut snares but I love the idea of a trying to get a older sound out of an older drum.

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