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gradier 04-11-2013 06:25 PM

Which is better: headphones or monitor?
Hey guys: I have a pair of ATH-M50 headphones, which I really like, for my Roland TD-11k kit, and I'm thinking of getting a Simmons DA200 drum monitor. Which is better for just general playing at home, including playing along with songs? I tried using some Mackie SR5 studio monitors, but I didn't like still hearing the sticks hitting the rubber.


alvanko 04-12-2013 12:52 AM

Re: Which is better: headphones or monitor?
It's a matter of taste. What do you prefer?
I love my headphone for playing with my mp3 player and just general playing around.
I would still like to have a monitor but it's not practical for just playing by myself. Even when I played with a band with acoustic drums this fall in the studio, I wanted headphones so I could get the right mix of everyone and protect my hearing.
Go on down to Guitar Center and try one out and then put on the headphones and see what YOU prefer.

beyondbetrayal 04-16-2013 12:33 AM

Re: Which is better: headphones or monitor?
headphones... no contest.

gr82bagn 04-16-2013 05:16 AM

Re: Which is better: headphones or monitor?
When I played an electric kit I preferred the headphones.

jspichiger 05-01-2013 05:02 PM

Re: Which is better: headphones or monitor?
I have both, for different moods. The Simmons monitor is simply awesome.

DJ74 05-11-2013 01:34 PM

Re: Which is better: headphones or monitor?
I have both too, The Roland PM-30 is fantastic and the PM-10 is a close second. However, the head phone choice is not so easy. I have tried loads of different makes and models. Cheep to expensive. DON'T - bose quiet comfy 3. blow mine up. but the good ones are - Shure SE215 in ear monitors, they are very comfortable and sound great. But my all time favourites are Sony MDR-V150 I've had these for about 5 years, since i bought my first TD-12. They are great, the sound is first class, they can take the bass and not effect the top end. Only down side is after 3-4 hours, they start to hurt your ears. Good thing though, it gives you a opportunity to have a rest.
Hope this helps. Have fun.

Blackstone 05-11-2013 02:34 PM

Re: Which is better: headphones or monitor?
I use both as well. Switching back and forth. Qsc k10 for monitor. It is pricey, but gets louder than I'll ever need it, and stays crystal clear in all frequencies. I use se215's as well. I really like them. I'm sure there are better in ears, but these sound really good. And are cheap compared to the alternatives.

I use the monitor more for stage volume so the rest of the bad can hear my electronics. For using loops and backtracks, in ears are a must

musicman44 05-11-2013 05:16 PM

Re: Which is better: headphones or monitor?
Monitor is usually the better for live performance in my opinion. You're able to hear the rest of the band not only through the speakers but also surrounding you. Headphones are definitely useful, but I've only ever used them for recording even in live settings.

smokingun 05-24-2013 02:45 AM

Re: Which is better: headphones or monitor?
Most definitely HEADPHONES!

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