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drummingjohn 04-10-2013 09:30 PM

MIDI Timecode
Hi all, I just joined. Looking for some sagely advice.

I'll start simple. Is there anything like the Roland SPD-SX that can send and receive MTC?

I want a MIDI controller that I can use with sticks that can sync to an external click or be the master (via MTC not clock. Onboard, realtime looping (like the RC300) and onboard memory would be ideal too.

From my research so far, all I can find is people complaining that the available control pads (Alesis Control Pad, Yamaha DTX Multi12, Roland Octapad and Roland SPD-SX) all don't use MTC, only Clock; or they're talking about MPC's (which I can't play with sticks). And I can't find any other product that can use MTC which is playable with sticks.

I can confirm, having read the manuals, that both the SX & Multi12 do indeed not use MTC. Please tell me there is one unit that does all I want. Please don't tell me that I need to use a laptop with Ableton and the likes and send MIDI notes from any of the above mentioned Drum Pads.

Also, I should mention that I use acoustic drum kit. (and will not be moved; I'd sooner use the laptop set up than an electric drum kit).

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