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polket_ 04-10-2013 01:18 AM

Recording video/drum cover with Roland TD-30k
Hey Everyone,

I just recently bought a Roland TD-30k and I LOVE it.

I want to start doing Youtube drum covers while i'm playing along to tracks. But, i don't really know how to do this. I have a zoom q3 to do the video, and a windows laptop. I don't have a mixer yet, as far as i know right now i need to get a mixer to do the stereo out from the td-30 to the computer.

Unless there's another way? (I know absolutely NOTHING about recording)

Outputs are:

-Master out jacks, stereo R and L/Mono
-Direct Out jacks, stereo, this is a jack for each drum component.
-MIDI out/thru and in.
-Digital Out S/P DIF
-USB out (firewire i believe) to record MIDI information to a DAW on the computer. (could also maybe make use of the USB memory on the kit)

Best/easiest way to do this?

What software is good for this on a windows machine? Audacity?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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