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Croc 03-29-2013 08:29 PM

Another New Member / Old Drummer
Hi All!

Im a new member here. I posted in the Introductions thread some of the information below but will duplicate it here.

I am in the process of returning to the acoustic drum fold after several years in the electronic drumming camp and a long absence from any drumming for 30+ years before that!

I started banging on things at home at an early age and my parents gave me a Ludwig Acrolite for Christmas in 1967 (I still have that drum). I proceeded to build a set one piece at a time as I could afford additions. The resulting mongrel set served me well through several bands until I realized that there were a lot more talented drummers than me not making a living playing so I went back to school and essentially gave up playing as I pursued my career, marriage, life, etc.

Several years back I got the itch to play and bought a set of Roland e-drums. I really enjoy playing these in my basement at any time of the day without bothering anyone and actually now I am a better player than I ever was due to the increased practice time.
However, I went to a music camp last summer and confirmed my suspicions that e-drums are easier to play than acoustics and I felt my newly honed chops did not apply. Then again being in close proximity to the likes of Pat Mastelotto and Tobias Ralph will give most mortal drummers an inferiority complex!

Ive spent time since last fall looking and listening to options. I finally made the move and have purchased a Sonor Newport Beech set along with the Sonor Protean 12 x 5 snare. One might ask if this is too much set for a returning newbie and my answer is maybe now but not later. My process is to do painstaking research before buying anything major then never regretting my decision. That way I dont waste a lot of money and time to get to where I eventually want to be.

I have to say that the product offerings in the current market dwarf what was available when I left the world of acoustic drumming in the late 1970s. I thank everyone in advance for any help and guidance provided to me as I build and tune my set.


keep it simple 03-29-2013 08:54 PM

Re: Another New Member / Old Drummer
A huge welcome to the forum Croc, from one returnee to another. Sounds to me like you're a pretty handy player, & you certainly are focused on what you want. Good stuff :)

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