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sethlowden 03-19-2013 02:04 AM

Some 1980s Vintage Ludwig Hardware
Just posting a few pics of some hardware with my recent CraigsList drumset purchase. The set included a Tama Titan throne and a bunch of Ludwig hardware: snare stand, hi hat stand, two straight cymbal stands, and two boom stands. This is ridiculously overbuilt, super heavy duty stuff. It looked like it had been sitting out in a garage for a while, not terribly abused, but a bit dirty and starting to rust. I cleaned up the hi hat stand yesterday, turned out pretty nice and really works well.


I cleaned up the snare stand today after work. There was less rust on this than the hi hat stand, and it cleaned up quickly. I wiped it down with dilute Simple Green, then sprayed it down with LPS 1. A few minutes later, I used a plastic spoon to scrape off the blooming rust. I went over it with a bit of Flitz, then a clean dry cloth. Here are three pictures- before, after, and full shot prior to final buff/wipe. It came out nice.




I got two pedals also. I did not spend any time on them, since they were in good shape and really not worth more than 25 bucks apiece anyway.


I will work on the cymbal stands tomorrow and Wednesday. Thanks for looking!!!

rmandelbaum 03-19-2013 02:51 AM

Re: Some 1980s Vintage Ludwig Hardware
Cool stuff, love hardware, old and new

Pocket-full-of-gold 03-19-2013 02:57 AM

Re: Some 1980s Vintage Ludwig Hardware
Hey, they've come up great mate. Can't believe how well that snare basket cleaned up!!

That old single chain Pearl pedal brings back some memories too. I gigged with one of those for years.

latzanimal 03-19-2013 10:41 AM

Re: Some 1980s Vintage Ludwig Hardware
Those old Modular hihat stands have a great feel. I have the legless version....

KarlCrafton 03-20-2013 03:57 AM

Re: Some 1980s Vintage Ludwig Hardware
Nice score!
I agree, the Modular Hi Hat stand feels great. Even after 20+ years, mine still is awesome.
The snare stand won't let you down either.
The Modular stands are "beefy", but compared to other brands, they actually weigh a bit less than a lot of stuff.
Do they have the old style Hercules tilter (rounder), or the one that looks like what Pearl used to have?

I think I had that same Pearl pedal too :-)

Enjoy your gear!!

sethlowden 03-20-2013 09:15 PM

Re: Some 1980s Vintage Ludwig Hardware
I am a little behind on cleaning them up. My daughter's ball python escaped last night and we spent the evening looking for it. As far as the tilter, here is a picture of one, I am a newby so I am not sure about the answer.


I have three straight stands and one boom stand. Two of the straight stands have the little lock collar broken off on the legs, so I will keep the broken ones and sell the two nice compete ones. The broken ones work fine though...

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