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Pocket-full-of-gold 03-15-2013 12:07 AM

The Official Ronnie Tutt Thread
There's precious little information about Ronnie on this forum and what is available seems to be scattered far and wide across a series of "mini threads" dating back years. All making any search of his name laborious and incredibly difficult to find. He doesn't see the heavy traffic of a Bonzo, Gadd or Gavin Harrison thread, but I reckon I've seen his name come up enough to warrant having him in a place that's easier to reference.

I've found a few (and I'm sure there may be a few more that I couldn't find) and have put them here in the hope that Bernhard, Arky, Bermuda or Grunt, may be able to merge them together so that we can have one offical thread on this guy once and for all? (yeah, I'm aware it's a bit of work....but honestly, it's a PITA the way it is). :-)





Originally Posted by larryz (Post 1118574)
p.s. I can post an in-depth article on Tutt published in Classic Drummer magazine a few years ago if someone likes.

Larry, this post from another thread prompted this action. Yes please, put it up here if you wouldn't mind.

larryz 03-19-2013 12:10 AM

Re: The Official Ronnie Tutt Thread
This is a pdf to a 2006 cover story and article on Ronnie Tutt in Classic Drummer magazine. www.classicdrummer.com

Author was Wayne Florang. Unfortunately this great print magazine is on hiatus and hopefully will return in the near future. They still have an online presence though. Happy reading!

Working on getting this scanned and being under the 480 mb max limit. I can't do so. Anyone have ideas? I scanned in black and white as light as possible.. No luck yet :)

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