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BrandonHolliday 03-12-2013 03:10 AM

A Formal Introduction
Hey guys, as I'm sure you can tell, my name is Brandon Holliday. I've been playing drums for about 10 years and kit for about 5. I'm heavily inspired by Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Gadd, as well as some more contemporary up-comers such as Tony Royster Jr, Thomas Pridgen, Matt Garstka, Darion Ja'Von, along with dozens of others. I've played primarily rock music; however, I have performed several shows in various jazz groups with both instrumental and vocal (not me singing but as me playing drums as part of the combo) emphasis. I'm currently studying music at Highland College; however, I plan on switching my major upon transfer to Syracuse University. Music is a passion of mine, not a job haha. Anyway, if you want to know more, see my playing, or anything like that, feel free to comment or message me. I have videos uploaded onto youtube that I'd love to share. Thanks so much for giving this a read, and I look forward to discussing drums with all of you!

bermuda 03-12-2013 03:50 AM

Re: A Formal Introduction

One of the great things about a forum like this is the amount of new information that can be exchanged. For example, you mentioned Matt Garstka and Darion Ja'Von, neither of whom I've heard of. So, it's off to YouTube to learn more!


Bo Eder 03-12-2013 04:04 AM

Re: A Formal Introduction
Welcome to the forum!

randrade89 03-12-2013 04:11 AM

Re: A Formal Introduction

Welcome to the forum!

You will find lots so much valuable info here you won't even know where to start.


BrandonHolliday 03-13-2013 01:33 AM

Re: A Formal Introduction
Thanks so much for the welcomes everyone! Really appreciate it!

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