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edpal 01-09-2013 04:54 PM

Looking for Christian drummer - mid Michigan USA
I'm a bassist and belong to a big bass forum...been frustrated looking for a drummer so I thought this might work...

Christian rock band Nails of Grace is looking for a drummer to become part of an outside of church outreach music ministry. This ministry will include festivals, secular gigs, as well as benefits and other events to be considered. This is not playing standard Christian contemporary - the people we are trying to reach wouldn't react very well to that.This is using real rock-n-roll with positive message (and yes, we use the name of God) to reach those who would hold HIM at a distance. 80% originals. Great practice space, PA,etc. For more information, contact Jeremy at nailsofgrace@ gmail.com (pull out that space before gmail )

Check us out at "Nails of Grace" on Reverbnation - just put "Reverbnation Nails of Grace in Google - bamm, you're there..

Location is Highland(Milford)/Holly

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