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kevink 12-27-2012 02:20 PM

Jay Bellerose percussion on ankle
This is my first post, bear with me.......Does anyone know what Jay Bellerose is using on his left ankle for more percussion? http://youtu.be/XD4M-4twx98 (3:45)

Arky 12-27-2012 02:30 PM

Re: Jay Bellerose percussion on ankle
Welcome to the forum.

How can you have 2 identical "first posts"? Choose _one_ of them to exist and please delete your other post/thread. On this forum (and on most if not any forums in general) it's not ok to have identical posts and/or threads.

So we don't have to bear with what is not in line with forum rules. Just saying. Now you know.

Also, if you're referring to a specific part/song/etc. it's very user friendly to also post links and not only mentioning songs - some people might help you out by watching the specific song/part etc. and have valuable info for you but if you only name a song then maybe not everybody is familiar with it and not everybody would go and search on his/her own.

kevink 12-28-2012 03:36 AM

Re: Jay Bellerose percussion on ankle
Arky, Thanks for the info! I will do my best on my next postings.......Kevin

j-ronimo 12-29-2012 06:01 PM

Re: Jay Bellerose percussion on ankle
Kevin, that is just a bunch of shakers bound around his ankle is all. To my knowledge, no one makes anything like that, but they can be made fairly easily in the home. If you are listening to drummers like Jay Bellerose, which is GOOD, you should check out Shawn Pelton (Saturday Night Live house band drummer) with his group House of Diablo. He does the same thing, ductapes all kinds of little trinkets to his left ankle and stomps throughout the set. Pretty awesome. Kuddos again on having good taste. Lamontagne is a great artist and knows how to pic band members.

kevink 01-08-2013 03:14 PM

Re: Jay Bellerose percussion on ankle
j-ronimo, Thanks for the the post!

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