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412drummer 12-20-2012 10:04 PM

My introduction thread
Got some free time after work while waiting on my brother (works night shift) to wake up before playing drums so figured why not make one.
Real name? Adam Buckholz
Age? Turning 20 soon
How long have you been playing? since 12 but not seriously or consistently for most of that. probably about 4 years I would say actually playing, practicing regularly
Origin of user name? area code
Your top 5 drummers? This changes regularly but at the moment thomas pridgen, danny carey, cameron losch, benny greb, and dave weckl
Make of drumkit? I use any brand but right now yamaha
Make of cymbal? anything, but mostly sabian and paiste
Where do you practice? house, any of my bands places
Are you in a band?yes
Do you play covers or originals?Both
What style of music? One band plays like classic rock/radio rock covers and originals the other is progressive deathcore,planning on starting another band soon based more in the prog/experimental rock area
Favourite take out food? Gyro, chinese, anything of deasont quality
What country do you live in? USA
One really odd fact about yourself? Not sure if its odd but I enjoy all types of music playing and watching. P
How did you start drumming? parents got my brother a drum set and me a guitar when we were really young. I originally played guitar but eventually fell into drums off and on and then became to where I only wanted to play drums.

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