"YYZ" and "Fool in the Rain" isolated drum tracks


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Almost full track, with samba, can be found here.

If you listen carefully, you can hear bleed from his headphones.

*WARNING: Has Bonzo cursing at the beginning. NSFW or younger ears!


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It's really interesting just how far out of balance Neil's kit is mixed compared to how it'd sound acoustically. (Bass drum loud, snare soft, toms screaming loud). It works in the final mix though!

And Bonham's bass drum--it sounds like he's burying the beater on some notes and not on others depending on the frequency of the notes. It leaves us with lower pitched longer notes (beater of the head) and higher pitched shorter notes (buried which tensions the head to higher pitch and shortens the note length. (I'm a fan of both approaches incidentally.)


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My two favourite drummers when I started playing - and still inspired by them today.

I've seen a few drummers attempt YYZ and they always miss the bass drum in the "chorus" where he underpins his signature ride pattern. It's very prominent here.

Fool In The Rain sounds monstrous. I'm off to practice it now!

Thanks for posting