YYZ -- All Parts



See! I LIKE Neil Peart! : )

This was a tough one, not so much because of the execution but because the band has such a "jam" feel going on -- so playing the parts separately was a challenge in regard to getting a natural feel.

Of course it's not exactly the same, but I think I got it pretty close.

Made some interesting observations along the way as well. Hope you like it. Comments are welcome. I'll make the first -- "You're no Neil Peart!!! lol


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Okay, I'll go second. lol

Interesting observations about Peart and the band.

Peart is obviously very calculated. I get the feeling every note, beat and fill, is worked out. He treats the drum part like a part of the composition. (McCartney is very much like that with his bass playing).

I used his part as a jumping off point and took a little looser approach along the way. But some of those fills are REALLY clever and musical. Trying to play as tight and metronomic as he without sounding stiff was no easy task.

Again, this is what makes him so good for RUSH but so out of place with jazz, which is about a second to second improvised dialogue with a loose feel.

I also gained new respect for Alex. I never thought he was the greatest soloist, but he really makes the most of rhythms, sounds, textures and figures to fill his role in just the right way.

And although I feel Geddy is a bit of an Entwistle/Squire clone he has a great feel for a guy who plays so busily -- due in part to Peart's solid drumming.