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As some of you may know if you read it in an earlier post (about drum sticks I think?), I volunteer (that's right, no money) in a music school that caters to disadvantaged inner city youth. Here is more information about the school.

It is called the Granville School and is sponsored by The Oklahoma Opry and is located in the Oklahoma City Stockyards district. This is an old historic district which dates back to just after Statehood (1889). I don't know (or remember) the history of this school, but I was asked to help out in teaching percussion there. The students are inner city, disadvantaged, mostly minority youth. Some of the public schools they attend can't even afford method books for the kids and have to give out copied music. My wife volunteers teaching flute there, also. Recently, I picked up three new students who couldn't afford drums or practice pads or even sticks. All the materials they are given are donated. They pay no fee to speak of. What money the school gets is from grants and donations.

I mentioned that if anyone was discarding sticks we could use them to give out to some students. One member of this board pm'ed me and said he had some sticks he could send but didn't have a practice pad. He pm'ed me later and said he had come up with a practice pad. I expected two or three pair of chewed up sticks and a cheap pad. I didn't think too much more about it.

When a package arrived today, I thought I had forgotten about something else I had bought on ebay. When I opened it, to my surprise, I found a dozen pair of used but perfectly servicable sticks and a practically new 12" Vic Firth rubber pad along with two new beginner drum set method books. (Being a self taught set drummer, I didn't even know these existed.) The postage alone was over $11.00.

The guy who sent me this shall remain anonymous unless he chooses to let me reveal his name, but, let me tell you, he is a class act. He didn't have to send all that and his generosity is greatly appreciated by the school and will be greatly appreciated by the students.

Now, if anyone wants to up the ante, we could use reeds, valve oil, guitar strings, violin and cello strings and even some drum sets. These kids practice drum set on there knees in a chair at home. The drum sets don't have to be new or in real good shape as long as they are serviceable. I will take the time to personally put them in playing condition. Well....... It doesn't hurt to ask, does it?

If you can't do it here, look for a place around you to help out. They are there.

Anyway, thanks to our donor. A letter is forthcoming. It's nice to be able to give something back. Again, you're a class act.
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A nice and touchy experience. Just by being a - volunteer - on any issue, an remarkable class act. Keep up the good work!

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Yes, good work all round. Giving something to those who appreciate it most is such a fulfilling experience. Postage's a bit on the heavy side from here, otherwise I'd send some stuff over. Good luck to all concerned!


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If it would help I have a few pairs of sticks that I am not using (wrong size) how can I get these over to you?

Actually just sent you (Zicko) a PM


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Send all items to:

The Candy Basket
c/o Maurice Galoob
2001 W Main St. Ste 117
Norman, OK 73069

All will be appreciated and used.

BTW, the name of the previous doner, with his permission, is Brady. Please indicate if you wish your name posted.



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More information on the Granville Community Music school to show you we really exist.

The Granville Community Music School, a project of the Opry Heritage Foundation of Oklahoma opened September 09, 2009. Granville, named after Rodeo Opry founder, Granville “Grant” Leftwich, is modeled after the W.O. Smith/Nashville Community Music School founded in 1984, a nonprofit educational institution created for the purpose of making quality music instruction available to talented, interested, deserving children from low income families at the nominal fee of 50 cents a lesson. The school also seeks to encourage student participation in the cultural life of the community through concert attendance and performance.

Check out W.O Smith on the web. There is more information on Granville but I won't post it here. A web site is forthcoming which I will post later for those who are interested.

Having said that, I got another donation from HMNY, another board member, and it is again also greatly appreciated. It consists of several more pair of sticks and a BD pedal. Thanks "H".

Now, I could really use two more drum kits. Anybody? Again, it doesn't hurt to ask.


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I like to see this. I kinda opens my heart. When i got some stuff i won't be needing i will send it to you, no doubt!