Your very first band


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I searched and couldn't find a thread about this, though I thought I'd seen one.

I just got this pic from my sister. It is circa 1963 and this was the very first band I ever played in. Actually, it was the second. I'm still looking for a pic of the first one. As you can see, this was the height of Beatlemania. Sorry about the political incorrectness of the BD image but it was 48 years ago.



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Era 1975. My 1957 Slingerlands with odd ride tom. Genuine 1963 Gibson SG Special with the dot fret markers and soapbar pick ups.
These guys are still my "brothers" today. We plan to do a reunion jam soon as we are all in our 50's now.
We did Edgar and Johnny Winter, Trower, Kiss, the harder rock from that era. Best times of my life back then!!


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unfortunately i don't have any photos of my first band back in 1969/70. but the funny thing is our guitar player is a former mayor of Plano TX (i'm located here in Western PA) and is now CEO of the company my wife works for. he's done good in life!!


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This was my first *real* band. If you have kids and live in Australia, one of the guys may be quite familiar.... :)