Your thoughts on Intermediate Kits

Mr. Brownstone

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Force 3007 it is! Going to order the 5-piece and look for another floor tom. Can't go wrong with Sonor :) A bit worried about some peoples comments about their mounting system..but we'll see....
There is nothing wrong with their mounting system. It's just not what some people prefer; you get that with every drum company. Some people like Pearl's tom arms; some can't stand them. It's no different with Sonor, Mapex, Yamaha, the net and you will see complaints about every manufacture regarding their mounting system.

I've had the 3007s since they first came out. All the hardware, and the tom arms and mounts in particular, is still holding up and I play them everyday. The drums sound great and are easy to tune. I'd almost guaruntee you will be thrilled with them.

And no, you can't go wrong with Sonor. ;)


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I just bought a 6 piece Mapex Meridian Birch shell pack and I must say that they sound great! The mounts and the tom holder are a good design. The only caveat on the Birch kit is the fact that the floor toms only have 6 lugs per head. I was a little surprised by this but they do tune up great and they seem to holding up. The Maples have the more normal 8 lugs per head. The finishes look great as well. For the price these are a steal. I've got them set up next to my Ayotte maple shell kit, which cost 3 times as much back in '98, and they hold their own. Like I said, the only drawback that I've seen is the 6 tuning lugs.

I've bought used stuff off of ebay and all too often the equipment arrives looking like it had been played by a gorilla so be careful on that front. The musicians selling personal stuff on eBay are more often that not honest but it just takes one to ruin your day and your budget. Buy local or buy new.


I really like the idea of 10 lugs per side when it comes to a 22" or larger bass drum, but not all quality 22" bass drums have 10 lugs per side.

I can't find any issues with this 22" x 16" bass drum although it only has 8 per side. most of my kits have 6 per side on the rack toms and 8 on the floor toms. The exception to this is my Gretsch Renowns which have 5 per side on the rack toms up through the 12".