Your midweek smile :)


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He seemed distracted at many points which is not unusual for his age but I was amazed at his singles speed. Wow.


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simply amazing. his speed and technique were amazing for that age.
video totally made my day.
hilarious how he did not want to wrap it up either.

Anon La Ply

You could fit two of him in that bass drum! The little uns these days are amazing. Give it twenty years and you'll have babies playing Vinnie licks before they're toilet trained!


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The ability to hit the drums so consistently and play with such solid time at that age is crazy! I didn't realize the parts of the brain that control those functions could be developed that much at that age!


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Made my day that did. So many little things make it worth a few he looks like he has platform shoes (well on the hi hat pedal) the guys in the Orchestra wandering what to do when he kept going, and one just deciding to go with it and click his hands like a cool cat...... oh and the kid not fussed at all when he dropped his stick.

Oh yeah then theres his playing hehe !!


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Wow.I can't wait to see what that kid will be doing a few year down the road..His throne looked like a training toilet....LOL,and he can't be too far out of diapers.Thanks for posting that Andy.:)

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